Bringing Modern Smartphone Support to your Mercedes-Benz

Do you connect your phone via AUX to your command unit and want to control playback through the steering wheel? Do you want to display track names in the instrument cluster?


What Can AudioTronics Bring to your Mercedes-Benz?

AudioTronics lets you control your vehicle right from your smartphone. It's just so much more than music!


Playback Info.

Just like the stock Command unit, AudioTronics enables you to display track information such as name, artist, progress, in the LCD screen of the instrument cluster of your Mercedes-Benz.


Voice Control.

AudioTronics enables you to perform many tasks such as raising the AC temperature, or lowering the driver's window on your Mercedes-Benz by using your voice!


Steering Wheel Controls.

AudioTronics enables you to map the buttons on the steering wheel of your Mercedes-Benz to perform any action on your smartphone, including controlling music playback!


Fuel tracking.

AudioTronics will automatically track the mileage of your Mercedes-Benz and give you extensive and accurate reports!

The Only Solution in The Market at a Price You Love

There's simply nothing in the market like AudioTronics, Optic Fiber Bluetooth adapters sell for thousands of dollars. Bring your Mercedes-Benz back into the game with AudioTronics 😎

ONLY $75.99

AudioTronics for Mercedes-Benz

  • Perfect size for mounting in the glovebox of your Mercedes-Benz.
  • Easy installation. Simple connection to CAN BUS B.
  • FREE international delivery.
  • Thrilling community of Mercedes-Benz owners.
  • Cutting edge mobile apps.

Extra Technical Information at the Instrument Cluster

AudioTronics will add extra pages to the instrument cluster of your Mercedes-Benz and display real time technical information about your vehicle.

Engine Oil Level in Liters.

Remaining fuel quantity in Liters.

Water Temp. in C Degrees

Oil Temperature in C Degrees


Frequent & Rapid Updating

Our AudioTronics module acts as a bluetooth gateway into your Mercedes-Benz's CAN System. Hence the possibilities are endless, and pretty much any feature you could dream of can actually be implemented. We are commited to releasing frequent updates with tons of new features.

  • More voice commands in each update!
  • More diagnostics data in each update!
  • New exciting features in each update!

Mercedes-Benz Owners Online Community

Our target is to become the biggest online community of W211 / W219 / W209 / W203... Anything from tips, to repairs, to even selling original MB parts with a discounted price in the future...
If you are the owner of a Mercedes-Benz, this is your community!

  • Multilingual online forum for our members from around the world.
  • Social media activities.

Free International Delivery!

Thanks to our logistics partners we offer free international delivery to most countries in the world when purchasing from us.
We also offer worldwide express delivery for those customers which urgently need our products.

Most Listened Songs through AudioTronics

AudioTronics lets you discover the hottest songs among fellow Mercedes-Benz W211, W219, W209 or W203 owners!

I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) [Radio Edit]
Meat Loaf

Listened: 76 times.

Listened: 68 times.

Desde Cuando
Alejandro Sanz

Listened: 45 times.

+1 Feat. Sam White
Martin Solveig

Listened: 38 times.


Listened: 33 times.